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Team Rules

  1. Do what's right!
  2. Do your best!
  3. Treat people the way you want to be treated!

These acts will become habits if you choose to practice them all of the time.


*Violation of team rules may result in the following:

  1. PUSH-UPS.
  2. PPC (Post Practice Conditioning-Can get up to 5 days). 
  3. PROBATION-Repeat offenses, coming off of suspension, cannot start if on probation.  Athletes will be in PPC until off probation.
  4. SUSPENSION-Cannot play in games, PPC.
  5. EXCLUSION-Removed from team.

*Major violations of team rules including use of alcohol, other drugs, violation of state law, etc. will result in a two game suspension.  Second offense will result in removal from team.



What happens to you is not as important as how you react to what happens to you.


Everyone wants success but few are willing to pay the price for success.


Don’t waste your time, your coach’s time, or your teammate’s time by making excuses for your shortcomings or failures.  Get the job done with great pride and effort, or fail and accept the consequences.  Productivity is what we are looking for.


Things need to be done right now, the right way.  Make everything a coach says important to you.  Move from drill to drill quickly.  Don’t walk, run.  Get quiet immediately when a coach speaks.


The little things win championships.  Fundamentals will make an average player a good player, a good player great!  Absorb every word your coaches say and watch your position when you are not in.  Mental reps!


You get what you expect.  Great upsets occur because athletes don’t listen to critics, they listen to their hearts.  You have to believe.  90% of the battle is fought before it even takes place with your mental preparation and your physical preparation (4:1).


Finish the workout, drill, practice, game, homework, etc., no matter what the circumstances.  Never quit!  Believe in yourself.  Make it happen

Three C's and E's and T's

  • Commitment
  • Character
  • Consistency
  • Effort
  • Execution
  • Enthusiasm
  • Tempo
  • Technique
  • Toughness

Academic Eligibility

  • A student-athlete must pass 4 classes the previous semester to be eligible.
  • In-season midterm grades count toward academic eligibility. Student-athletes must pass four classes.
  • If a student is academically ineligible at the beginning of the season, he/she may practice but not play or dress in full uniform for athletic contests.
  • When a student-athlete becomes academically eligible he/she may participate immediately in athletic contests if they have the required number of practices.
  • If a student-athlete becomes ineligible academically at midterm, they may no longer participate or dress in uniform for games.
  • They must practice and attend all team functions to remain in good standing with the team.
  • If ineligible, student-athletes who remain with the team may be recognized at all team functions (senior night, awards banquet, etc.).